Wesley Stien, MBA, CFP®

Wes likes sharp pencils, his HP12C Platinum financial calculator, spreadsheets, financial markets, long walks on the beach, and bad jokes.

More than all of that, he likes to help people. Most of all, he likes to help people with their money. Well maybe not most of all, he does have quite a few personal interests, but certainly the most of any occupation he has found to date.

Wes thought that he would be helping people when he started as a financial advisor in 2006, but it sure didn’t feel that way. It felt like he was selling stuff. In hindsight, it wasn’t even very good stuff. That did not appeal to Wes; although, like most people, he does like stuff.

Thus began a journey which led to Lodestar Financial Management. Like most journeys, it was at times scary and frequently very challenging. In the end it was well worth it. He found a community of financial advisors that thought the way that he did! He works on the same side of the table with great clients. He watches as they accomplish amazing things. He is grateful that he had a small part in their success.



Wes is a CFP® practitioner who holds a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Madison University, an MBA from George Mason University, and an executive certificate from Georgetown University.


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