When you work with Lodestar, together we will:

  • Align your money with your values
  • Work through the stress and anxiety that can surround finances to help you focus on what is controllable and financially significant
  • Make complex financial decisions and address your financial concerns, providing clarity and peace of mind

What is Planning? It is empowering. It takes work. It is repetitive. It is boring, scary, imprecise, non-linear and time consuming. It is also inspiring, aspirational, relieving, motivational, confidence inspiring, and healthy. Most important though, it is empowering. It is liberating. It allows you to do what you want with your life. It is beautiful.

Work & Diligence. Achieving a good financial result takes work. It requires crunching numbers, tracking data, filling out forms, reading legalese, holding online for the next customer representative, and then doing it all again. I do a lot of this for my clients.

What I don’t do.

Try to convince you that a financial product will solve your problems. None will. Your behavior is the most important variable in attaining the financial life that you want.